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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Year...and a new blog to share

I've been wanting to join the blogging community for years. Or should I say rejoin it.
For those few of you who know me well, you may recall I briefly attempted it up until nearly three and a half years ago. My last post was deciding if we should stick with two kids or try for a third. It was dated exactly a month before my 40th birthday, which means I would have already been pregnant with our youngest (our third child)!

I have often thought it would have been very therapeutic to write about my experiences over the last three years (I've even been taking photos with blogging in mind). Unfortunately along with the joy of a new baby came the chronic pain of a pelvis that wasn't at all happy about the whole experience!   Sitting down to type, or write for long periods just wasn't an option. Plus I was trying to get my head around so many changes (with my health, my mobility and needing someone in my house each day to help me care for my children), not just dealing with a newborn. So, it didn't happen then.  Blogging that is. Now though, as I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, now I'm ready.  Now I've also (finally) decided to "choose joy".

In hindsight I realise it would probably have helped with my recovery if I had chosen to choose joy more consciously before now (and journal regularly too) but I didn't. I think I did what needed to be done at the time. There were so many other things to focus on. Other words to live by that came to me and seemed suitable at the time whilst I was fighting depression and chronic pain. Most days to be honest it was an effort just to remain positive, especially in the thick of it. With my husband's help I tried to be grateful for what I had.

Now that I'm able to better control my pain (and my depression) I'm ready to take on the task of writing a blog.

So here it is - my new blog...to share the fun activities I do with my kiddos, our crafting and creating, how my family and I celebrate and live life, my efforts at showing my love for my darling husband, family and friends. And of course my efforts at choosing joy.

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