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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Choose Joy

When I decide to "choose joy" as my words to live by in 2012 (or even for the rest of my life), I didn't realise I wasn't the only one. There seems to be a whole movement of people who are deciding to "choose joy" as their mantra.

It seems that one of the main sources of inspiration is Sara, otherwise known as gitzengirl.
She sounds like an amazing woman. Although she suffered from a chronic disease that made her housebound for over three years, before she returned to God, she was a very inspirational person who lived her life to the full. Every day she decided to choose joy. That is so inspirational. I wish I had been able to consistently do that three and a half years ago.
I love what her sister says of Sara's thoughts behind the phrase and her ability to meet this goal:

"Sara made a decision early on to choose joy... and she made that choice every day. She always said, the major word in that rectangle isn't joy... it's CHOOSE. It's looking around when life is difficult and trading every complaint for something beautiful in life that far outweighs it. I know for a fact that she definitely met this goal because there are a lot of people out there that have it "etched in their skin. :)"

A lot of people (some who knew her, many who didn't) have chosen to have a tattoo in her honour.

If I was ever to get a tattoo I would be tempted to get this one, from here


  1. I so agree with the key word being Choose. We can control the choices we make and determine much of our own happiness and joy.

    1. It's a good key word and has pulled me out of a couple of blue moments already this year.